Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm, after they've seen "Paree"!!

It has been an embarrasingly long time since I blogged here last. Between hooping and burlesque and classes and performances and vacations and the Benefit Betties, time has gotten away from me in a way like never before. But I'm dedicating time to this blog once again, and I vow to keep up a bit better.

So, the most recent thing going on in my life? Husband and I went to Paris! He had work meetings there, so I tagged along, as I've never been to France before and I sure as hell wasn't going to let him have all the fun without me. It was a FANTASTIC trip, despite the fact that it was unnaturally warm and we speak very, very little French. There's a lot to say about the trip, but instead of going on and on, I'll give you some tips if you're ever going to Paris, in bullet point form.

*French people are not inherently rude. People in Paris are city living folks, and they're busy. You'll find that's true in any city. If you're polite and say Bonjour, they'll help you out as much as they can. I met some hoopers who were SO sweet and nice, one of the best parts of the trip was hanging out with them.

*If you don't like cigarette smoke, you may be super annoyed. Lots and lots of people smoke there. And while it's illegal in restaurants and smoking is limited to the outdoor seating areas on the sidewalk, they keep the windows open and it will drift it. It's ok, relax, you're on vacation.

*The food is truly amazing. Seriously, not one bad meal. Not one mediocre meal. All magaical.

*Be prepared to walk. A LOT. EVERYWHERE. While the city has a great, easy to understand subway and bus system, you'll have to do a lot of walking, some uphill, so be mentally prepared for it. You may even start liking it, especially after one of those awesome meals. I already miss it.

*The French as as fashionable as you'd imagine. Want to fit in? Don't wear flip flops. Everything else seemed fair game, despite what some other travel blogs may tell you. Also, no heavy makeup, you'll be noticed right away as a tourist.

*Just because you can see the Eiffel tower doesn't mean it's a close walk.

*Go shopping. You'll be ahead of the US fashion scene by at least a year. Can't afford to buy everything you want on the Champs de Elysee? No worries!! Do what I do, people watch, and buy less expensive accessories.

*Con people. The most common one seems to be the "oh did you drop this ring" bit, and while they distract you, someone comes up and tries to pick your pocket. A dude attempted this about 10 minutes after we checked into our hotel. Husband and I had both heard about it, so we told him to hit the bricks (paraphrased).

*Go out at night. When people say the city is most beautiful after dark, they mean it. So stunning!!

*Forget sleeping. Sleep on the plane on the way home and spend every moment you can out on the streets of Paris, soaking in one of the most beautiful, historical cities on the planet. 

*Eat as many macaron cookies as you can. Bring some home too. And drop them off at my house.


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