Thursday, March 14, 2013

The New Pope..."We'll see".

So a new pope was elected yesterday. The new guy, Pope Francis is known as a humble guy, lives in a small apartment (gave his fancy residence to a poor mission), cooks his own meals, took the bus to work, cared for AIDS patients, baptised the children of single mothers and called out priests who wouldn't, and abandoned much of the hoity toityness of being the head Catholic dude in charge in Argentina, where he's from. Pretty cool, and pretty unsual, which is a shame because that was Jesus' number 1 thing, humility and giving up things for the poor. What I DON'T understand are the people who seem suprised that he's anti gay marriage and anti abortion, or use those views of his as some kind of point. Of course he's against gay marriage and abortion, he was a Catholic Cardinal! This isn't a presidential election where the candidates are all vastly different. Quite the opposite. We're talking about a church that for the first time EVER picked a dude from outside Europe. Not exactly progressive. But I accept that. That's what they believe, and while I don't agree, I'm not going to waste energy better spent on actually doing things to help people, trying (in vain of course) to change the views of the Catholic church. Contrary to what the church believes, I don't need them to get to God.

I don't like being put in the position of defending the Catholic church, because too much has been done that is indefensible. Not just the sexual abuse, but the defending of those doing the abuse. Until this pope publicly admonishes those who protect the criminals, I'm not going to give the Church any credit on much else. That  seems harsh I guess, but unfortunately, my anger over this runs deep. But at the same time, lets give this dude 5 minutes before you all hate him.

In fact, don't hate anybody. It causes wrinkles and makes people not want to hang out with you.