Wednesday, December 12, 2012

End of year wrap up

Nothing like the end of the year to make you look back on it. It's been a crazy one. Sometimes good crazy and sometimes bad crazy.  Last week one of my parent's very good friends in Germany passed away. We just saw him earlier in the year, which I'm grateful for. And between what happened to Mickey, and the fact that 6 friends lost a parent, and a friend from high school died, it's hard to see the awesome things that happened in the year without seeing all of the sadness. It's strange how when you get older, the years fly by. We bought a house this summer, but it feels like we've been here forever. We went to Germany in February, and it feels like a lifetime ago.

The good news is that it's the holiday season. There is nothing I love more than Christmas cards, holiday music, putting up the tree and lights, riding around seeing decorations. This year husband and I are going to New Orleans for our anniversary (which is later this month), and I'm so stoked!! We haven't been to New Orleans in ages, and after watching many episodes of Treme, I don't think husband can wait another minute.

Have you finished Christmas shopping? I haven't. I thought I was doing awesome then realized there are like 5 more people I need to buy for. And it's getting too late to order online. Yikes!

What's your favorite tradition during the holiday season? I think mine is watching The Muppet Family Christmas and eating German treats. I'll work those off next year :)