Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Get on the bus Gus: How Mitt could have won

The election is over, and this is likely the last thing I'm going to say about it. The guy I voted for won, and yes, I'm happy about that. I've voted democrat int he last 4 presidential elections, since I turned 18. I don't see that changing, unless my party loses its mind. THAT is why Mitt lost. People in his party started losing their minds (i.e, the Tea Party), and instead of being a big dog and saying, "y'all have to quit with the ridic nonsense so that we can actually win this race", he pandered to them. That's what happens when the crazy voices are the loudest, you start to believe that most people are like that, when in reality, they are not at all.

America is not the America it was 30 years ago. Woman are out there, working, being CEO's, starting businesses (cough, cough, ME), voting the way THEY want to, bringing home the bacon and frying it up themselves. Also, Latinos are the fastest growing minority, and despite what you might think, the vast majority are not illegal immigrants. So what does the Republican Party do? Shit on both groups. They talk about what is and what isn't legitimate rape, they talk about "self deportation", as if everyone with brown skin should just get the hell out. You CANNOT treat people like crap and expect to win elections.

Also, stop hating poor people. Google just how much of the national budget goes to welfare before you say things like, "they're getting rich off my tax money!". Mitt, you can't dis 47% of the nation, STAND BY that remark, then 2 weeks later say you didn't mean it, and still expect people to vote for you. You can't complain about how there are no jobs because of Obama, then in the same breath say, "People just need to get a job!!"

Republican party, it's time to get inclusive. Time to "get on the bus, Gus". Time to work with democrats and get stuff done. Time to convey real information to your constituents, instead of the constant insinuation that the president is a mulsim socialist. And republican citizens? It's time for you to turn off the reality TV and start looking up words like "socialism" and "communist". Obama is no more a communist than Romney is a fascist.  Stop giving blowhards like Donald Trump the time of day. This is a man in his 60s who seems irrationally obsessed with the relationship status of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Write to your congressmen and encourage them to compromise. Nothing will get done if the democrats in congress are willing to cut programs, AND tax the wealthiest, yet the republicans have said over and over again that they are only willing to cut. Compromise is what grown ass people do.

And finally, this. I love all of y'all.