Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey autumn, hope I'm not too busy for you

I hang out with Husband a lot. I've realized that more recently, and sometimes I wonder if I should be branching out more, hanging out with other friends. I was talking about this the other night at a weekly pot luck dinner one of my BFFs holds. Then it dawned on me why. When Husband worked off shore, we would spend every moment of his days off together. I think I'm still trying to make up for that time we lost. It's hard to remember that he'll be home when I get back from drinks with my girl friends.

It's that time of year where I just must get nostalgic. Mostly for days when I was younger and didn't have responsibilities. People seem to relish in the idea that being busy is great, but it's not. It makes time pass by way too quickly. This month has been, and will continue to be, insanely busy. We're in San Antonio right now for a conference Husband had to come to, then next weekend I have Punk Rock Hoops Teacher Training, then the next weekend my parents come to town to celebrate my birthday, and finally my birthday/Halloween party the next weekend. I'm excited about the training and super excited to see my parents, but the party, eh. Don't know if many will show up. A lot of my friends live in Houston proper, and hate driving into the suburbs (as if 25 minutes is so far), so I'm feeling a little down about having a party at all. It's a costume party and I'm going as a Grackle, one of those really annoying birds that hangs out in the Target and Kroger parking lots.

Work has been great. Classes are busy, and I'm adding a new one at a new studio next week. The fact that I haven't hooped in a couple of days is probably why I'm in a melancholy mood right now. But hey, at least I've haven't started talking politics. 


Nicole said...

I think the same thing! & I dont have the excuse of making up for lost time. I just really enjoy being around him, which is kind of good because ya know we're married lol That & I don't know how to go about making friends as an adult haha