Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yes Paul Ryan, I am better off.

Yet another election season is upon us, and while I didn't think I would get as fired up as I did in 2004, that's quickly changing. It's not that I don't like Mitt Romney. It's that I don't trust him. The republicans have made their case against women and the elderly so strong this year, that I can't imagine how either of these groups could vote for him. And he has done nothing to say that he won't screw these people over. All I see on Facebook are people either hating Obama, STILL calling him a Muslim, STILL questioning his citizenship, STILL relaying "facts" that can easily be squashed by Snopes. I see no one supporting Romney. And I promise you, hating the guy in office doesn't get the other guy elected. Believe me, I remember 2004.

I suppose what gets me the most are the people obsessed with money. The people who think we are in the economic mess we are in because there are mass amounts ripping off the welfare system. God forbid they actually Google this information. I have had it up to HERE with people claiming Christianity as their compass in life, then turning right around and are practically salivating over money. I know we all need money. I know people want more. But my God, you have a roof over your head, insurance, food, clothing, a fucking pool or a boat or a camp, but that's not enough, you need MORE. These are always the same people that haven't been anywhere and see how other countries or cities work or how other people live. They stay in their little small towns, maybe take a beach trip, and listen to their own opinions regurgitated back to themselves on FOX news, and then they think they  have any knowledge about anything. Do we need to cut spending? YES. Do we need to raise taxes on the wealthy? YES. This insane idea that if we do that, the rich will stop making new jobs is absolute BULLSHIT. They've had these tax cuts for years, WHERE ARE THE JOBS? And why on earth are people who are making under $250,000 think THEY are in the same boat with the 1%? YOU AREN'T.

I have republican friends and family. I love them, no matter what. And sometimes I have to remind myself that their support for people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan doesn't mean that they hate me as a woman, that they want to block the Violence Against Women act, that they don't care what happens to those who will lose Medicare if Paul Ryan gets his way. But sometimes this list gets really long, and while I don't want to say that people are the party they vote for, but aren't they? A lot of people say, "well, I'm conservative fiscally, that's why I vote that way." Does wanting more money trump helping those who have little? I don't believe in socialism, but when people aren't given the same starting off point, especially in terms of healthcare and education, don't we have a responsibility as human beings to help those who need it?

Has Obama done everything right in the last 4 years? No. Has he done everything he said he would? No. But he's done a hell of a lot, and to answer Paul Ryan's question, yes, I am better off.


Dee Dee Mozeleski said...

I feel similar to you in many ways. I know, for sure, that I am better off today than I was 4+ years ago and because I work in fundraising, I can see the economy changing, especially in NYC.

Do you ever get the feeling that, for the most part, someone like Paul Ryan doesn't actually care if you are better off - he just wants to tell you that you aren't to make his own case?