Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When does house buying get fun?

You know how it is, you watch a million episodes of House Hunters, you talk about it all the time with your spouse (or yourself), and you decide, now is the time to buy a house. Interest rates are insanely low, your jobs are stable, and you're tired of not being able to paint your walls. Everyone tells you it's going to be so great to buy!

Then you fall in love with a house, put in an offer, and during an inspection that YOU pay for you learn the house needs a TON of work, more than you're willing to do and more than you're willing to wait for the seller to do. I don't mean cosmetic work either. So you start over and find another house and now you're waiting for another inspection. That's where I am now. Inspection is in 2 days. I'm so filled with anxiety over this, so annoyed with the money we've already spent that we won't see coming back. I look up articles to find the benefits to house buying and they seem few and far between. Equity and freedom to paint and have as many pets as you want. Oh, and growing lots of things in your backyard, yippee! Granted this new house is only 4 years old, so problems that the other house had aren't likely to be found here, but I know that inspectors always find something, so I'm trying to prepare myself. My folks are coming to town this weekend, which is really great because I will need my mom to tell me everything is going to be ok.

The house is really great. Tons of space, great yard, great location. But I can't get hung up on all that, not until after Thursday.

I really just want it to be August 1st and we'll be done with all this. I swear, I won't even complain about packing if this inspection goes well. If I do, call me out on it.