Thursday, June 28, 2012

I need the funny

I'm addicted to sitcoms. Golden Girls, Roseanne, The Cosby Show, Mama's Family episodes on YouTube, I just can't get enough. When husband worked off shore, I spent countless hours feeding this addiction. Now that he's been home for a couple of years, he's been privy to my constant need to have one of these shows on, at least in the background. I spent most of this year watching every hockey game on tv, so I don't feel too guilty about putting on the Golden Girls every single solitary night before bed. But I feel like I'm losing my mind, or living in the 80's, whichever is worse.

I need to watch new shows. But between True Blood and the news, that's enough drama. What happened to all of the laugh out loud funny shows? I like Modern Family and The Office, but obviously not enough since I missed the whole last season of both. The Exes on TV Land is actually super funny, but I need MORE. What do you watch that makes you laugh out loud? No reality shows, please lol.