Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot hot heat

Before I get into anything, please know that Mickey Shunick is STILL MISSING! Please visit www.findmickeynow.com for information on how you can help bring this lovely girl home.

 Things have been nutso lately, obviously. It's hard to concentrate on work, but luckily my amazing hoop students have been a great distraction. They are doing SO WELL, I'm so proud! While yes, I only teach hoop dance, I think I understand why people go into teaching. Seeing the face of someone who "gets it" after trying so hard is priceless.

 It's hot outside. Like, middle of the summer hot. Like, bring an extra shirt if you're going to be outside for more than 45 minutes because you will sweat through your original one hot. I know, I know, I live in Houston, I should expect this, but every year I act like I haven't lived in the south my whole life. We bought a ridiculous slip and slide that I'm hoping to try out this afternoon. I'm not foolish enough to believe I can actually slip and slide on something I'm half as tall as, but it does have this little "tunnel of water" so I'm just going to lay on it. It'll be like a really cheap vichy shower.

What I need to do is get all of the paper work the bank needs so that we can start looking at houses. Dreading having to rip apart my office to find everything. Oh yeah, we've been preapproved! I forgot that I didn't mention that. It's so beyond time to get out of this rental and move into something we can paint and do whatever we want to. At least on the inside. HOA rules in this town are EXTREME serious business. God forbid you forget to cut your grass or put out a political sign. But the good news is that prices here are AWESOME.

 This weekend is Free Press Summer Fest. Tons of awesome bands and we've got High Roller tickets. It's going to be hot, but it's going to be fabulous. As long as I meet Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and David Liebe Hart.

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