Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jet settin'

I swear I will get better at this.

Big stuff coming up! Husband has to go to Germany for work, so I'm tagging along, and so are my folks! I'm so, so, so excited, it's been ages since I've been back there, and Husband never has. There is something about Europe that is just inexplicable, something in the way the air smells, it's just magical. Oh and bonus, my passport showed up ONE WEEK after I applied. That's the US government doing their thang. Granted I sent my old one (which was too old to be considered a renewal), so maybe that helped, but still. Let's get some of those workers into Congress.

My next session of hoop classes starts February 23rd! Can't wait to spread the hoop love to more people. I've been learning some new tricks lately, which is always fun. My folks are in town this weekend so my mom is coming to the Sunday morning hoop jam today.

I'm sorry this whole post comes off as a list. I promise, this week, better stuff. Tebow, the presidential election, and my never ending visits to Target to see if a very specific purse is finally on sale, and how that's driving me mad. Happy weekend!


Sophia Chang said...

Oooh lucky! I've only been to Berlin and I found it cold (both physically and metaphorically). And everybody refused to speak German to me. sigh... (I didn't think my German was THAT bad)

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Nicole said...

How exciting! I've never been to europe! Can't wait to read all about your adventures! When we went on our honeymoon everyone was freaking me out about my passport & it too came in a week! Go Gov! HAHA.

I want to hoop! But it is hard justifying that kind of moolah to the husband lol

Feste said...

Wow I bet Germany is going to be great! Which oil company does your husband work for? I work for crown instrumentation and I only travel the gulf but it still feels like a journey.