Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pro choice goes both ways

I just read that Michelle Duggar is expecting her 20th child. You know the Duggar's, that fundamental Christian family who have a show on TLC called 19 Kids and Counting.

I see a lot of people are angry about this, and I can't really understand why. Sure, it's bizarre when someone in 2011 is having 20 kids, this isn't the 1800's. And I'm the first one to admit that I agree with very little, if anything, this family believes in (though if you watch their show, you'll see they're actually pretty nice). But if they want to keep having kids, and they don't rely on financial help from anyone, what right do I have to be pissed about it? I'm pro choice, and people should remember that term goes both ways. Life is too short to be angry with people I don't know doing something that doesn't affect me. Of course we know the world is over populated, but I'm not ready to start calling out specific people, putting all of the blame on them and not the other families in the world who do the same thing, yet aren't in the public eye.

Spend time loving, not hating.


Casey said...

I think she's absurd, ONLY for the fact that SHE probably IS anti-abortion, yet she is having another knowing the risks, and knowing what her last baby just went through. She's putting herself up for literally the death of herself, and her unborn or early-born child. It's JUST as horrific as how most people feel about abortion. I just can't wait to watch a premie struggle for life on tv, again. (sarcasm) SMH

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Papa Escobar said...

An they are not even Catholic...wow.