Monday, October 3, 2011

A quote from me!

Had an amazing weekend with family and friends, and at Germanfest in Louisiana. Too good. First of all, I realized on Friday night (after eating amazing fried chicken and gumbo from Mama's Fried Chicken with my parents) that there is a quote from me on Hoopnotica's certification page!

Then on Saturday was the festival, where we ate and drank to our hearts content. Later that evening I got an email/phone call from the owner of a local yoga studio who is interested in having me teach a hoop class there! Had drinks Saturday night with friends, then Sunday we watched the Saints win with my in laws. Unfortunately, that's where the good stops. We came home to a broken air conditioner. I'm sure many of you up north are thinking, "So what, it's October", but it's going to be in the 90's later this week. The change of seasons on the calendar means nothing to Houston. So now I'm waiting for the guy to come fix it. Luckily Kat lives a mere minute and a half away, and has offered us to stay there tonight if we can't take the heat. Just might take her up on that. Also, I watched Kat's dog last week and today I got an awesome homemade lasagna from her! Cannot WAIT to heat it up. So come fix my AC dude so I can get on that!!

How was your weekend? Highs and lows?