Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mix it up

I'm sorry I've been slacking here. Things have just been CRAZY lately. Busy, busy is nice though. Spent the weekend with husband and my parents here in Houston. They bestowed on me my birthday present, an amazing Red Kitchen Aid mixer, something I've wanted for years and years. I just used it today to make a cake for husband, and WOW, it makes baking so much easier!

Saturday night we went to Red Robin for dinner, and while the food was fab as always, the waitress was ridic. I am NOT one to complain about service, but when a server ignores the women at the table then openly flirts with one of the men, I can't help but get annoyed. Then it became so obvious it was funny, so my mom and I started talking loudly in German while I side eyed the woman. That made me feel better. I love goofing off with my folks.

Finally the weather has cooled down, and all of my autumn nostalgia is coming to a head. This Saturday marks 9 years husband and I have been together. NINE YEARS. Has that much time really passed? Hard to comprehend the number 9 when we are still learning new things about each other.

Halloween is coming up. Not sure what we're doing, if anything. Halloween is like New Years Eve, it never turns out the way you expected. What are you doing for the holiday?


Nikki said...

Some KitchenAid trivia:

Was the first mixer on the market.
Started in 1919 and first model weighted 69 pounds.

The price of the original model was $189.50 which is equivalent to about $1900.00 today.

Each unit is still assembled by hand in Greenville, Ohio.

The Mixer is one of the only consumer appliances trademarked specifically for its unique shape.

The popular K model was designed in 1937 and starting in 1955 KitchenAid started giving customers color options. Today there are 40 different colors and finishes to choose from.

Where did the name 'KitchenAid' come from? The story goes that an executive took one home to his wife and asked her to test it and help come up with a name. She reportedly stated "I don't care what you call it! I know it's the best kitchen aid I have ever had" and so the name was born.

My momma has one and her momma had one too!

It is most likely the only thing in your kitchen (entire home possibly) that is made in good ole USA by Americans and not made in China. Don't know about the accessories that come with it though. Wouldn't surprise me if they were made in China.