Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Less is more

This morning a friend posted an article about having more by owning less (http://www.dailygood.org/view.php?sid=56), and while running at the park near my house, I thought about my own purchasing habits. There was definitely a time where buying things was important to me. When husband and I were starting off a home together, there were things you just have to shop for, like towels and shower curtains and a table to eat at. Then there were times, when I was younger, that I loved labels, like Fendi and Louis Vuitton. Then my Tiffany & Co. phase. Now? I'm almost ashamed of that behavior. Do any of those things really make us happier? When I think about the things recently that have made me giddy, it's those things money can't buy, like sitting in my yard with some of my best friends, drinking a bottle of wine while discussing Star Wars and global politics. It's the feeling I got when I passed my Hoopnotica certification, then found a beautiful studio to teach at (October 27th, 10:30am, Yoga Studio of The Woodlands!). It's the afternoon husband and I sat outside after work while the guy fixed our AC, catching up on each other's day instead of turning on the TV or playing on our phones, like we usually do. It's reminiscing about the beach with my sister, or laughing on the phone with my mom. No iPad or diamond jewelry can give me that same feeling.

I have the luxury of not worrying about if the bills can be paid, of knowing if I get sick I have health insurance. And believe me, in today's world, those are luxuries. So if you've got that, be happy. Who cares about brand new cars or designer labels? Just give me my hoop and my new favorite song.


~Haley~ said...

I think it's called growing up... or at least I'm going through the same realizations and that's what I call it! :) We've been seriously discussing selling much of our material crap and hitting the road.