Monday, October 24, 2011

Grouplove, in more than one way

Trying to catch my breath after an amazing weekend! Friday night husband and I had a fancy dinner out to celebrate our 9 year dating anniversary, Saturday we shopped, then had dinner with a bunch of friends, then to Fitzgerald's for the Grouplove show, which was FANTASTIC. I'm not really a live music fan at all, but in a tiny venue with a band that actually sounds good in person, that I can do all the time. Got to meet the lead singer, thanks to some pushy friends. Thanks ladies! And thanks to everyone else in our group of friends, it was an amazing time!

A video of the band performing Colours that I shot with my new iPhone 4, present from Husband (I'm too cynical to want the new model of any electronic device immediately after release. I need to work on that in this new decade of my life)

Sunday we saw Paranormal Activity 3, and while it was creepy, the theater was empty so the atmosphere wasn't nearly as fun as the first movie. I was too terrified to look at the screen most of the time lol. Then last night husband brought me a red velvet birthday cake and red velvet ice cream. Sigh. Too much goodness wrapped into just 3 days.

Did I finish up my list of 50 things to do before I turned 30? No way. But I did a lot of the important ones, like relearning to hula hoop (which ended up going way further!), camping in the desert, parasailing, and finding my place in religion (for the most part). Still have to work on my last goal though: reflect on how much life there is to live after 30, let the negativity regarding it go, enjoy people and their silly ways, and learn to enjoy my own.


lilegyptiangoddess said...

Congrats on the 9 years, I think my hubby and I are roughly around the same mark. Knew each other in 2001, started dating in mid 2002 and we celebrate our first year of marriage just next month.

It's scary how time flies!

katsterisk said...

YES it was amazing. Also, you're welcome.