Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TOMS vs. Bobs


So, maybe you have or haven't heard of TOMS shoes. They are these pretty ugly (yet crazy comfortable shoes) shoes and when you buy a pair, the company sends a pair to a needy child somewhere in the world. Noble cause. I made fun of the shoes (though not their charitable act of course) until I tried on a pair of my sister in laws and they were amazing. While on vacation my sister and I came across Bobs shoes. Nearly the exact same shoe, same price, same concept, they also donate a pair for each pair purchased. After making the purchase (seriously, ugly as sin, but way more comfortable than flip flops), I went online to do some research and found tons of young people complaining that Bobs is a rip off, blah blah blah. Are they? Of course! The shoes are TOTALLY similar. But who cares really? So a company decides to be like another company and give shoes away. Is that something to be pissed off about? I can't take you seriously if you claim to be into charity, yet are SO into labels that you'd criticize charity. And for the record, Airwalks has the Hope shoes, where they do the same thing as TOMS and Bobs, yet they're half the price, allowing the consumer to send 2 pairs.

I wish more companies would steal this business model. What a better world we'd live in.


~Haley~ said...

I had this identical conversation with a friend the other day, after seeing a commercial for Bob's. I mean, yeah, they "stole" the idea, but who cares! Not the millions of people who will benefit from it when they recieve the shoes they need! With my hooping business, I have a charity event once a year, and I think all businesses should contribute to some sort of charity as long as they're profitable!

Slow Panic said...

I've been meaning to buy a pair of Toms. I had seen Bobs but didn't realize they had the same concept.....