Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rick "Good Hair" Perry. America, you don't want him!

As you know, I live in Texas. My governor is Rick "Good Hair" (as he's referred to by so many) Perry. He's an absolute tool. No, not just because we are from different political parties, but because he totally is. His hate for education is mind boggling, as well as his stance that it shouldn't be illegal for people to text while driving. But more than that is his constant need to combine religion and government. On August 6th he's holding a "prayer rally" here in town to pray for the US economy, among other things. HUH? Anyone who has even the briefest knowledge of Christianity or the bible is aware that Jesus wasn't a fan of empires, or wealth. I realize that a functioning economy is important in all of our lives, but praying for an empire (because like it or not, that's what the US, and many other countries, are) leaves an awful taste in my mouth. NOW Perry is saying that he's feeling the call from God to run for president. REALLY? Am I honestly supposed to believe that? The constant combo of God and politics makes my blood boil more than anything else. I'm a Christian, but I'm not perfect and don't have all of the answers. But I refuse to trust a soul who ties Jesus to America or government or political parties.

Look at this photo of Perry with some guys from the band The Sickest Kids. He looks like a goober.


The Snuggler said...

Least we forget that he has bankrupted the state (as Texas governors are want to do i.e. George W)and then now he wants to run for the highest office in a federal gov't he threatened with secession. Not forget, like any good fake small/limited gov't conservative (most of them aside from Ron Paul types), he wants to lawfully FORCE women to look at an ultrasound if they are considering pregnancy termination. And now he thinks God is talking to him. He's a psycho con job who wants to wield religion and God as a campagin tool.

I can't remember to whom this quote was originally attributed, but it fits here and always:

"Mixing religion with politics is like mixing ice cream with manure. It doesn't do much for the manure but it sure screws up the ice cream."