Monday, July 11, 2011

Hurry up beach!

Coming up soon is our annual beach vacation and I cannot wait. CANNOT WAIT. Every summer we all go to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama, husband and I, my parents, and my sister, bro in law, and nieces and nephew. Husband wasn't able to come last summer which put a bit of a damper on it, but this year we'll all be there. I love this beach so much. Going there is like going to a second home. We know all of the restaurants and stores and little great places in the area. Every day husband and I have been playing the "what do you want to do first when we get there" game. Yes, we're like children waiting for Christmas.

What's YOUR favorite thing about going to the beach?


Nicole said...

Awww I miss our beach trips! We used to go south of the border every year! Until the dumb drug cartel took over and made it too dangerous! I loved getting my hair braided by the locals lol Have fun lady! Glad hubs could join you this year =D