Monday, June 27, 2011

The Help

Have you heard of the book, The Help? It's set in early 1960's Jackson, Mississippi, about black maids and the white families they work for. It's a really great book, funny, heart warming, thought provoking, and also it just might make your blood boil. And for those of you shaking your heads, it's absolutely not your typical "white woman saves the black women" story. Quite the contrary. I have to admit though, I was shocked as to how little I "got" about it. I'm from Louisiana, and my mom (who is Creole, which is black and French) was in high school in the 60's. She has 4 sisters and a brother. They went to Catholic school. They went on vacations to the beach. Her life just seems incredibly different than that of the maids in the book. I felt like I should understand the plight of these women more, but I couldn't. Perhaps things were different in my hometown?

Even though we all know this stuff happened and we know about Jim Crowe laws, seeing it in written word just made my blood boil. I guess that's why I typically stay away from stuff like this. And that it was all so recent, I could just scream, "See! This is why black people are still pissed!!" At least I am.

A movie based on the book comes out in August, the trailer is below. I'm not a huge fan of Emma Stone, but that may change after this film.