Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh look! Another "I'm getting old" post!

My cousin Sven and I, Berlin, Germany 1987

When I was younger, I used to think that when I could say that I've been friends with someone for 20 years, that's when I'd feel old. It was a phrase I heard from my mom all the time when talking about someone we'd run into at the store, "Oh, I've known her for 20 years". This afternoon I was looking at photos from a family trip to Germany in 1980's, and I realized that I have friends that I've known for 25 years. TWENTY FIVE YEARS?! Sure, they were some of my first friends, but still people I keep in touch with and see on occasion.

I can't believe I'm to be 30 in less than six months. It's not going to be pretty. Either I'm going to lose my mind and get some bizarre haircut and a bad tattoo (like the word "reality", with the quotes) or I'm going to climb in bed, draw the shades, and cry for 24 hours. Neither option is a good one. I see friends who have turned 30, and are happy about it. Hopefully that happens for me.


Sophia the Writer said...

Girl, I don't know why the fuck this is, but 29 leading to 30 is the SCARIEST, most awful time ever. Then you actually hit 30 and for a second you just want to kill yourself. I spent the first few hours of 30 crying my eyes out.


You turn 30 + 1 day and it's AMAZING. You're suddenly this like, better person, who's calmer and more mature, with a bigger heart. And you realize that you look even better than you did at 29 (dude I lost 15 pounds right after I hit 30) and you still feel great and you're smarter and not a stupid 20-something anymore.