Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friends moving to town, beer, and Tales From the Darkside

A Black Velvet, Guinness on top, apple cider on the bottom.

So last week I found out that two of my really good friends, Kat and Dustin, are moving here to Houston from Lafayette! I'm so excited to show them around and learn some new places myself. I know when we moved last year, having Liz already established here made me feel so much better about the move. On Saturday we went to Flying Saucer, this neat restaurant downtown that serves hundreds of different kinds of beers. I'm not a huge beer person, unless I'm at this place. The one pictured above was absolutely amazing, hoping I can convince Husband that he wants to go back this weekend when my folks are in town.

Other than all that, things have been quiet. It's hot, no rain. Went to a new bar with Liz and Blake last weekend, really enjoyed it, especially the acoustic versions of rap songs the live music provided. I started coming down with a cold this Sunday, but seemed to have fought it off with the help of tea, Zicam, and rest. Saw Bridesmaids, loved it. Kristin Wiig is fantastic, but Melissa McCarthy stole the show. Learned how to play the Tales from the Darkside theme song on the piano.

I need some new music. I think that's why I'm in a bit of a funk, listening to the same stuff over and over again. What are you listening to right now?


~Haley~ said...

Michael Franti
Slightly Stoopid
Yonder Mountain String Band
Blues Traveler

I'm kinda bouncing these ideas off the top of my head, no idea what kinda music you like?! lol