Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When did it become ok to practically yell, "I'M DUMB AS A BRICK"?

So a female reporter was not allowed into a locker room after the Master's golf tournament. A security guard (a woman) wasn't aware that female reporters were allowed (and have been for 33 years, and male reporters are allowed in female locker rooms). The Master's officials apologized and that's that. Here are some of the genius comments from CNN's readers on the topic, many from guys who didn't even read the article they were commenting on.

User: wadestr
Another perverted female reporter. Men are denied access to the locker rooms of women athletes while female reporters are allowed in. Women should not be allowed in mens locker rooms. Any women that goes into a the men's locker room deserves to be raped.

User: ShepardMan
So she is angry because she didn't get to see his "club".

User: shullfinn
Funny, how equality never seems to be equality for all. Either allow men reporters into women’s locker rooms, or hold interviews somewhere else. This is friggin stupid really.

User: BenDover69
Thankfully, it's a men's only club. I'm glad. Keep her out. She doesn't belong.

User: vegasguy
This "andshewasnot" (hey, that's me!) broad is a real manhater. Clearly one of those perpetual single women who loves to put down the guys. Shheesh. Poor girl. Go bake a cake.

And that was just because I suggested he read the article. Tsk tsk tsk! I guess I was just surprised by the underlying disgust men have for women. Is it Pollyanna of me to think that this kind of attitude was gone? I guess so.

Take a look at the user names too. Classy classy.


Lisa said...

That first comment was shocking.

I can not believe someone would say that.

How disgusting.

LaToya said...

i never read the comment section of any site because that's where the ignorant and trolls go to party.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Lisa, I know. On another article, some guy told me to kill myself because I live in Texas. I assume someone from here must have wronged him terribly.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@LaToya, what can I say, I'm a masochist LOL.