Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remember when Madonna was awesome?

I do. My older sister loved Madonna growing up, and even though I was just kid, it was easy to see why. Songs like Borderline and Burning Up, so amazing. Sure, some of my love for the music is probably wrapped up in the nostalgia of wanting desperately to be cool like my sister and her friends. Honestly, I still feel like that on the very rare occasions we (my sister and her high school friends) are all together. One Madonna song of the 80's sticks out more than any other.

Live to Tell, the song for a movie At Close Range, staring Sean Penn and Christopher Walken. I've seen the movie once, but was half asleep on the couch, so I don't really remember a lot about it. The slow motion jumping seen at 1:15? I LOVE IT SO MUCH. No clue why.

What happened to Madonna? She was ok through the early to mid 90's, but now she's so outwardly arrogant that I cannot take her seriously. The only thing I appreciate is that she's adopted children. It can't be easy though to go from pop star to AARP member.

Realizing that people like Madonna and Perry Farrell are both over 50, actually makes me feel a bit better about getting older. Maybe 50 really is the new 30.


Papa Escobar said...

Not sure that 50 is the new 30 but age is all in the mind. I don't feel 56 (well I do in the morning when I get up...and when I have to take all those meds.....and...well...nevermind).