Monday, April 11, 2011

A funk

Husband had his wisdom teeth taken out Friday, so it was a strange weekend. He wasn't feeling well and I was beyond nervous about the whole situation. He's fine now, but my anxiety level hasn't dropped.

Probably didn't help that I spent most of the evenings on CNN's comment boards, interacting with the stupidest people on Earth. I hate snarkiness, but when it comes to politics and people who cannot understand cause and effect, I get downright rude. Then spend an hour feeling bad about it.

I'm in such a funk right now, even hooping isn't getting me out of it.

When you're in a bad/anxious/sad mood, what do you do to get out of it?


~Haley~ said...

I usually do what you did and turn to my hoop! If the hoop doesn't help, I like music... Loud, sometimes angry music, or really happy music =] I hope you get to feeling better, I hate how interacting with stupid people can leave a bad taste in your mouth for days!

Nicole said...

I grab a latte & turn on an episode of Friends :D All I can do is laugh at those boards otherwise I would be depressed knowing all those kind of people exist! Don't look! Cheer up lady today is a new day :)

Roxanne Dubier said...

I call my sister :-)

Papa Escobar said...

I head for the nearest chocolate donut...which is why my doctor is probably going to yell at me tomorrow....seriously, I spend time in prayer and if possible a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament.