Friday, April 1, 2011

Women, frat boys are often crap. Control yourself.

So I'm watching HLN and they are talking about this story of 2 college students having sex on top of a building. CUE THE HORROR MUSIC. So the host of the show (Laurie Dhue) has two panelists, Lisa Bloom and the guy who wrote "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell", Tucker Max. The two women are going on and on about how sad this is for the woman, and all college girls in general, because woman are treated like such shit by the guys they go to school with. Um, women are not lost puppies who cannot make decisions for themselves. If a woman chooses to have sex on top of a building, or with some guy she is *hoping* to turn into a boyfriend, it's not the guy's fault. Does it make him an asshole? Yes. But ultimately, a woman chooses to give herself. Men will have sex anytime, anywhere, it's nothing new, it's not going to change, and women KNOW that. When Tucker Max makes the point that it's incredibly simple to avoid these guys, just don't get involved with them, it's easy to point them out, the interviewer and other panelist blow him off.

(Now let me be clear, I am NOT talking about incidents of date rape. I'm talking about women trying to make relationships with men who they know, deep down inside, don't want one. I know little about the woman in the sex on top of the building story, but from what I understand, it wasn't rape.)

Here's the video

On one hand, women want to be treated equal to men, but at the same time, want special treatment in cases like this (at least the two ladies in the video). That's nonsense. One of the women on the show said that the only way a woman can avoid the "hook up" culture is to not go to college. What? I know plenty of girls in college who certainly are not part of any such culture. Way to insult all of them, Lisa Bloom, by insinuating that they don't even exist.

Young women are adults. They are just as picky as men, and often ignore the nice guys, and are attracted to the tools. That's something they need to figure out.

(I cannot tell a lie. I'm terribly afraid of how I'm going to come off in this blog. My main point, you cannot change men. If they're an asshole, move along. Know someone very well before doing something you'll regret.)


Elizabeth said...

absolutely!! well said! :)

Papa Escobar said...

Very well said. It all comes down to something that is sorely lacking in this country, personal responsiblity.

Sophia the Writer said...

Oh man don't even get me started on the "girls like bad boys" thing. I definitely think the reason guys are such jerks is because too many girls are stupid and let them behave that way. Ah low self-esteem, when will it end????