Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jesus take the...pole?

This morning while on the other side of the house, I hear Husband hollering for me to come see something on the tv. This is what I saw.

You see, I live in Spring, Texas (a suburb of Houston). Old Spring is less a town, more like an area, with old shops and the like. I've driven through once, but never stopped in. That may change now. Apparently there is a pole dance class being taught, and one, which is free when you bring the flyer from church, is called Pole Dancing for Jesus. Obviously, one can come out with a million reasons why this is wrong. It's pretty safe to assume Jesus wouldn't want women to pole dance, right? Well, I don't know. If a woman is doing this in her own home, for her husband, it goes right along with building an important part of one's relationship. I've heard of Christian belly dance classes, Christian Jazzercize classes. How is this any different? And personally, as a very liberal, left leaning Christian, this church that is allowing the teacher to put flyers there, is the kind of free thinking church that I'm interested in. Other not typical Christians might think the same thing.

What do you think? Wrong? Ok? Think we should be all concerned with things other than judging the exercise routines of people? (I have to admit, all I can think of is that song from a few years ago, "I'm in love with a stripppperrrr". Tell me I'm not the only one who remembers the tune!)

EDIT: After checking out the facebook page for the studio offering this class, I see that all you have to bring in is your church bulletin, from any church (that is Christian I assume).


Slow Panic said...

very interesting. i'm not going to judge them. as a yoga teacher who attends a pretty conservative baptist church (where i have overheard plenty of judgement on everything, inluding yoga) i just choose to let people do what they are going to do. so many funky things out there.