Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Everything old is new again

I was a teenager of the 90's. I graduated from high school in 1999, so my formative years were right during that grunge era. The other day it dawned on me as I was putting on my skinny jeans (something just 5 years ago I would have NEVER thought I'd wear) that grunge is going to come back. The Courtney Love baby doll dresses and huge Jnco jeans and flannel shirts, it's going to return. And it kind of scared the crap out of me. I'm going to be 30 this year, and it's a little scary. But I'm learning day by day to not compare my life and where I'm at in it to other people, and that makes October 2011 a less frightening month. So I got to thinking about the trends I remember. Pearl Jam, a friend's gold VW beetle, 311, Boone's Farm, and the fashion...

Those little barrettes? I loved them. This hair cut isn't terrible either, definitely doable in 2011.

Doc Martens. I didn't really like these boots, so I never pestered my parents for any. I wore boots, but it was definitely a thing I did because other people thought it was cool, not because I did.

Not grunge, but I loved this look. The whole sweater vest over a button down, I'd do this now if winter wasn't over. Also loved the knee sock look that Clueless brought us. Great movie!

Rayanne from the show My So Called Life. I wanted this girl's style SO BADLY. The bleached piece of hair in the front, too many necklaces, I thought she was the coolest. The actress is now married to the son of the Earl of Devon, whatever the hell that means. Crazy!

Supposedly, according to some magazine I read, wide leg jeans are coming back this spring though not this wide obviously. I always loved them, so comfy and seemed to make one's waist seem really small. I wore these way past their prime I'm ashamed to say, well into 2002.

What trends did you love? What do you wish would come back? What do you pray never does?


Sophia the Writer said...

Rayanne was my IDOL. I tried my best to dress like that.

I have to say I love the 90's. Don't forget the skater look - I rocked the Vans, t-shirt over thermal, cords, snowboarding sweater with stripe down the arm.

I definitely loved Jnco jeans...and Alicia Silverstone. Do you remember a store called 5-7-9? It sold those plaid skirts with giant safety pins.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Sophia, yes, Vans! And Airwalks! I'd totally wear those again. And cords, my favorite were a pair from Salvation Army. Good stuff.

5.7.9, let me tell you, I am exercising my way back into shopping there, even if it kills me. Ok, maybe just to try something on.

H.E.A.T.H.E.R said...

just remember the golden rule, if you wore it once in your life time, you aren't supposed to bring it back... lol!

Casey said...

Actually, I just bought a couple wide leg jeans from old navy! I love them!