Friday, February 18, 2011

Who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crushes are inexplicable. Men from Kevin Smith to Kadeem Hardison (Dwayne Wayne of A Different World) to Chris Noth to Malcolm Jamal Warner (what is it with guys from Bill Cosby created shows?!). And after the hilarity that was Saturday Night Live last week, Russell Brand is 30 pounds away from being my next crush. He could also probably use yoga or something else to calm his nerves.

But today, while going through a photo folder on my computer, I'm reminded of another crush.

Oh Stephen Colbert. This photo is from when he was invited to testify in front of congress on issues regarding immigration. Is there anything more sexy than a politically informed, funny, sarcastic man? Of course not. That's why I love to start every day discussing topics from Morning Joe with Husband.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


slow panic said...

John Hamm. The guy that plays Finn on Glee. The guy that plays Mr. Shuster on Glee. Steve from Blues Clues. So many more.

Nicole said...

Bradley Cooper & Brian Austin Green lol Happy Weekend lady =D

jaime said...

John O'Hurley (Mr. Peterman from Seinfeld and host of Family Feud), and Terry Crews. MEEOOOOOW.

I know, I'm weird.

Sophia the Writer said...

Alright you've inspired me to finally blog a crush post. I did a book character for now, I'll have to delve into celebrities at another date, although I'm permanently married to Keanu Reeves.