Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day, you're doing it right

Wow is all I can say right now. I'm not a bragger, and I hate when other people do it, but I must dote on Husband right now, so if you don't want to read it, I get it.

We decided to do Valentine's Dinner Friday night, because he wanted to go to a certain restaurant and the only reservations Saturday night were too late. We aren't reservations people, more like, "Crap, we're leaving in 3 hours, call and put us on the 'sorta reservation list that casual restaurants do'" people. I mean, I'm no slouch. I've eaten in fine restaurants in Los Angeles, New York City, Berlin, and New Orleans. But as a Louisiana girl, I know that some of the best food in the world comes from little country stores in the middle of no where, or a seafood restaurant where the crawfish ponds are RIGHT behind it and the table is adorned with a roll of paper towels and condiments the stored in the cardboard box that usually holds a six pack of bottle neck beers.

But I digress. The restaurant he took me to was The Strip House. Several locations in the US, and after some googling, I find that apparently celebrities frequent this place! But this is Houston not Las Vegas, so no Katy Perry or Bruce Willis. Thank goodness. So we drive into the city, get to the place, and there's valet. I'm a giddy school girl at this point. We walk into the place, and it's dark and everything is red and there's a huge wine room. We go to the table and there are roses there he had delivered for me. WHAT?! I felt like I was about to be proposed to, or brought to the gas chamber. The waiters wear tuxedos with white jackets, the bus boys were in suits. It was all just too much. I had some sort of lobster pasta that was fantastic, and two cocktails just to relax me. I've never felt so out of place, yet so IN place, at the same time. It was just one of those perfect city nights that make me love Houston. On Saturday we exchanged presents (the Texas OPI nail polish collection and gorgeous World Market jewelry!), had a great night out with friends at a country bar, and last night, instead of watching something he could stomach, he went out and rented Sex and the City 2, a movie I hadn't seen but really wanted to. The man is good, let me tell you.

Husband, thank you so much. An absolutely fantastic weekend I won't forget. I can only hope you know how much I appreciate, respect, adore, and love you every day, especially the hard ones. We've come a long way eh? I love you honey.


H.E.A.T.H.E.R said...

awwww.... that is so sweet!!!! I love that you made a whole weekend out of it! Valentines day is fun!!!! I'm glad you're all about it!!!! :) Happy Valentines Day!

Papa Escobar said...

Can I says I am proud of my boy? Glad you guys had a nice, romantic weekend.

slow panic said...

OPI nail polish and Sex and the City 2?

that man is extremely good

Sophia the Writer said...

How awesome! We're postponing Valentine's celebrating til I get back. But I already showed him over skype the toys I got him. (yeah he's THAT kind of guy)

Then I left the toys at the hotel. sigh. Now I have to go get them today.