Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Night Live, you're bringing funny back

Have you watched Saturday Night Live lately? I quit for years. It was unfunny and the characters were boring, so I ignored the show. Then my sister started calling me every week saying, "Did you watch SNL this week? It was so funny!", so we began DVRing it. Holy Moley, the show has gotten fracking hilarious. Bill Hader is far and away one of the best on the show, and I fear that he's going to go on to bigger and better things really soon because he's just too good. One of his characters is Stefon, a NYC club kid. Hader can NEVER keep it together when playing this guy and always must laugh, which makes it even funnier. Sticking his tongue into Paul Rudd's mouth on the same episode? That he can do with a straight face. I love this guy.

A longtime friend of mine, Karyn, who is a major fan of the guy (I love, love, love reading her Stefon status updates), posted this bit from David Letterman of Hader talking about how the character came to be.

I really have no idea if any of my readers will even watch these clips or think they're funny, but hey, it gave me a chance to howl with laughter at 8am on a Saturday morning. Oh Bill Hader, you've made it to my list of celebrity crushes. Congratulations!