Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No obligation to Mardi Gras!

Last year I wrote a blog about how I hate Mardi Gras. I guess we get what we asked for, because the Mardi Gras celebration here in Houston is incredibly tiny compared to back home. YES. This makes me so happy, sort of. I'm so tired of faking the Mardi Gras excitement that people have in southern Louisiana. All the "what are you doing? what are we doing? what are we drinking? where are y'all standing for the parades?" talk makes me nuts. I'm nearly 30, I'm over it. Not that I don't miss the king cakes, or the Mardi Gras' from when I was a kid, because those days I would do again (minus the getting up at the crack of dawn to head to the parades).

But...I feel a bit jealous. No, I'm not jealous of the traffic through my neighborhood caused by barricades on other streets, or the drinking all day (can't do it anymore), but I'm a little jealous of everyone's excitement. Does that even make sense, when what they are excited about annoys me? I miss Louisiana. The constant party atmosphere just doesn't exist here, and rightly so I suppose. Houston is where people come for jobs or school, not on the top of anyone's list for fun (though there is much fun to be had, surprising to me). We haven't been home since Christmas and likely won't be able to until late next month.

Oh, but Festival International , (click the link) just known to the locals as "Festival", is in April, and I'm so beyond excited for it. Amazing food, world music, great shopping, I cannot even explain it. Last year was one of the best, cannot wait for a repeat.

What local stuff do you love where you live? What local stuff do you miss from where you used to live?


slow panic said...

I'm bad about getting out and doing stuff. It's kind of sad. I don't do much local around here.

I miss the Minnesota State Fair. OK, I don't miss much either.

I need to get out more