Monday, February 7, 2011

But I wanted snow!!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? I have no clue what I want to do for husband, or what I would want. You know what I get the most happiness from? The aisles of Valentine's Day stuff in the grocery store or drug store. I guess I'm the same the way with Christmas gifts and Halloween decor. Poor husband, I know he feels obligated to go all out, since he was offshore last year, but really, nothing can compare to just strolling through Target, looking at all the cards and stuffed animals and silly trinkets.

I feel out of it. Still angry that we didn't get snow last week I guess. I know that the meteorologists aren't perfect, and I know I shouldn't be behaving like a 10 year old, but I just assumed that when the 4th largest city in America got hyped up about something, it was really going to happen. If I were a meteorologist in this town, I'd be terrified that a band of a 1000 kids would bum rush me while doing my shopping at Kroger. All we got was a ton of ice and 800 car accidents. It's a shock that I'm saying this, but I'm ready for Spring and Summer. I'm ready for Festival International and Gulf Shores and bar b ques and running through the sprinklers.

Just feeling restless.


Sophia the Writer said...

I'm still going to be in Taiwan on Valentine's Day :(. And I have to haul out of the nice hotel room my dad and stepmom paid for cuz they're going back to the States and my mom's flying in to meet me. (I move in for the remainder of the trip with my aunt and uncle and probably my mom, kill me now.)

slow panic said...

So familiar with the restless feeling. Fighting it in a big way right now.