Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arabic is not a religion and Islam is not a language

This video right here is why I shouldn't watch the news in the morning. It's all someone needs to have their blood pressure shoot through the roof. Why oh why can this guy not tell the difference between Arabic and Islam?

Obviously this is a great idea. The job opportunities for someone who speaks two languages are much greater than someone who speaks one. Especially in a state like Texas, that revolves so much around the oil industry, wouldn't it be great to have more people who speak the language of nations that are heavily involved in said industry? Think about the jobs in the FBI, CIA, military, that desperately need people who speak Arabic. But no, in Mansfield, Texas there is a guy who cannot even see that far past his nose.

(sorry the vid is cut off on the right, it's due to the layout)


slow panic said...

the dude is an idiot. why why why are there so many out there? why?

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@slowpanic, I sit around and get myself flabbergasted about people like this, as if I just landed on Earth. UGH they make me crazy!!