Monday, January 3, 2011

Home from the Holidays

Fireworks on New Years Eve, doesn't husband look amazed? :)

Home from the holidays. It was excellent to be with family and friends, but good to come home. Not excellent, but good. Perhaps it would have been better if the cats had not opened up the freezer at some point, forcing everything in both the freezer and refrigerator to defrost. Fun! Anyway, so we're back home and actually, it's less good and more a bit lame. I miss my family and friends and craft days and rushing to buy presents. I'm always a bit let down after the holidays, but it's worse this year. But we're happy and healthy and I intend to make 2011 fantastic.

Starting with New Year's Resolutions. Everyone hates them. I started one early though, mid December, and am now bearing the fruit of my labor. I quit biting my nails! Now they aren't that long yet, but long enough to polish and to accidentally scratch the crap out of my back in the shower, so that's something! I actually spent $9 on a bottle of nail polish today. I'm incredibly frugal usually, so this was definitely out of character.

Tomorrow the decorations come down I suppose. Isn't that the worst?


52 Faces said...

omg I died laughing. Your cats can OPEN things? Creepy. This is why I like my stubby-legged dog with his clumsy smackdown paws.

ella said...

Oh the open hard to toss all that food...we've been there many times.
I hate removing the decorations. Some how it takes 17 times longer and is 17 times less pleasant than putting them up...