Monday, December 27, 2010

When we did we all grow up?

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! Husband and I are back home in Louisiana. Christmas Eve we spent with my inlaws, then the annual "crew from high school party" that night, then Christmas day with my family. It was all super great, except that we are both now sick. Husband NEVER gets sick, so this is really not good at all. Hopefully by tomorrow we'll both start to feel 100% so that the rest of the week can be salvaged.

We were able to take a drive out to Chicot State Park, a place we camped out at lots over the last few years. I miss it. I miss planning camping trips there with friends. I miss nature. We should find a place to camp around Houston soon. Could be great.

We also went by this other lake, Crooked Creek, that my parents took my sister and I to like twice a month every summer for years. To this day, when I drink ginger ale, I'm reminded of our trips to Crooked Creek, since ginger ale was my favorite soda to have there. Everything looked so small. Even my parents said that, so I guess it doesn't have anything to do with being a kid.

That's me in the sunglasses, circa 1999. Several people in this photo will probably never want to speak to me again lol.

I saw lots of old friends Friday night, people who were so much of my life, were absolutely everything to me. Of course we're all still friends, but things shift. It's strange how we all grow up and all of a sudden we are sitting around a table talking about home insurance instead of who is sleeping with who. Things that seemed important when we were kids are silly now. But things that were silly still are. While it was great to catch up and laugh and "cap on one another" (oh, the '90's slang), it makes you realize that you really can't go home again. There's a line you cross into adulthood, whether it be a certain job, marriage, kids, another city, or just age, and you can't step behind it again. And that's ok. But it's nice, for just a night, to remember what it was like when your late 20's/early 30's were as fictional as a fairy tale.

Tell me, how were your holidays?


Nicole said...

I couldn't agree more! I love high school and I love to once and awhile get together and reminisce BUT thats it, then it's back to grown up world and thats ok with me too :D sound like you had a good Xmas! Mine was fabulous I miss it already!

ella said...

I think it moves in cycles---I'm a good 16 years older, and I've seen the changes at 10, 15 and 20+ years...Facebook has also been an interesting place for all us old timers. Your generation has grown up with it more or less. There were people in HS that I never dreamed I'd see again, and now we talk every's a miracle.