Wednesday, December 8, 2010

War on Christmas, LOL!

Great bit from Young Turks about FOX news and the holidays!

Every year around this time, people come out of their holes to proclaim there is a war on Christmas. First of all, I cannot believe that anyone who has any respect for soldiers would EVER use the term "war" in regards to some stores saying Happy Holidays instead of Marry Christmas, or some state funded buildings choosing not to display a nativity scene. That's nauseating in itself, people DIE in real wars, the word should not be thrown around loosley. But really, why aren't people able to find the holiday spirit within themselves and their family and their own traditions, why do they need everyone else to push it towards them? I've got news for everyone, the greeter at Wal Mart telling you Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays DOES NOT make Wal Mart anymore of a Christian store. These stores have ONE goal, to sell you stuff and make money. They'll say HIP HIP HOORAY 3 times to everyone if that meant you would buy more stuff. Nothing about the excess that nearly all of us partake in around the holidays really represents the true meaning of the holiday. It's hard to let go of old ways, and I'm right in line with everyone else, buying stuff no one needs. It's time for these War on Christmas people to get off of their high horses and realize they are just as bad as everyone else. Happy Holidays!

Oh yes, and while we're on the topic, Xmas is not taking Christ out of Christmas. It's a spelling that has been used since 1753. Long before them, Christ was abbreviated at Xt in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, as far back as AD 1021. It's not some slam on Jesus by the Liberal Left. Again, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy New Year, happy whatever the heck makes you happy!


Captain Morgan said...

Well said!

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reason #678,345,034 why i like you:

this post.


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