Monday, December 13, 2010

Sarah and Kate go camping...sort of.

Last night on Sarah Palin's reality show, she and her family went camping with Kate Gosselin and her 8 kids. I knew it would be a disaster, hence the reason I watched it. I just didn't realize that I would come out of it with some respect for Sarah Palin, and even more disdain for Kate Gosselin. The show, in a nutshell, was 15 minutes of Sarah showing off her gun skills, 15 minutes of Kate being shocked when told there are bears in the wilderness, and 30 minutes of Gosselin complaining and crying about the cold while the Palin's tried very hard to be good hosts to the kids, who had a blast. Kate didn't last more than a day. She spent the whole time 20 feet away from the fire while complaining about the cold. The kids fished, collected branches, and learned about the great state of Alaska. They were well behaved, interested, and really didn't want to leave. THAT'S when Kate told them they were no longer Gosselins, they were Palins. Great thing to tell your kids who are likely already mentally scarred from having their entire lives, including Kate's messy divorce, on TV. Sarah tried to be understanding, but I know she was thinking the same thing I was, "This isn't that bad". They had tents and food and a fire, and when camping, that's all you can ask for. Anyway, after a few hours and tears from Kate, she decided to roll out and take her kids with her. Sarah's daughter Piper was obviously hurt by this, which was definitely sad.

Look, I'm no back country camper (though I want to some day!). But I've done my share of park camping, and in some PRETTY cold weather, and I have little respect for someone who knows what they're getting into (IT'S ALASKA KATE), then complains the entire time. Best quote from Kate, "Why would people want to pretend to be homeless?", I kid you not.

But thanks Kate. For the first time, I found some thing that I can connect with Sarah Palin on. I hate her politics and the way she double speaks, not a big fan of the way she handles herself, BUT, I appreciate her love for the outdoors. Finding a way to connect with people you despise, that's what life is all about.


Hey Barbie said...

Funny! The Gosselins actually live like 20 minutes away from me. My boyfriend works at the car dealership they bought their Sprinter van from, and he actually got to drive it. LOL Surprisingly, he said it was very clean (who would have thought that with all of those kids) Some people he works with got their pictures taken with them; although, I don't know why they would want to. They are just normal people who have a lot of kids and drama.

ella said...

I hate Kate Gosselin so much because she's a celebrity-wannabe-whore.
Sarah Palin and I are not on the same page either; the antics of her family reek of the same attention grabbing behavior. But it's not as bad as KG. She's a disgrace.

Lisa said...

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