Monday, December 6, 2010

Oral Surgery=SUCK

Wow, boy have I been M.I.A.! I do apologize guys, but I have an excuse. After returning home from Louisiana for Thanksgiving, one side of my face blew up. Sinus/teeth related. So I had "oral surgery" on Thursday and still have more dental work to come. I really want to push this over to the new year, but likely will not. It hurt like ALL HELL and what's to come will hurt as well. Husband took amazing care of me though, and for that I'm so grateful. I'm not the easiest patient. I can take something seemingly minor and really blow it up to extremes. But he dealt with me, because, honestly, what other choice does he have? Kind of stuck with me. :) Unfortunately, my mom recently broke her foot, and if you knew her, you'd know this is no good. She's like me, she needs to run around. She's ok though, she can walk and everything, but I'm still worried, because that's what daughters do. It's like we're falling apart! But on the mend :)

Christmas is FLYING towards me, and surprise, surprise, most shopping is done! Still a few things left, but for the most part I can relax. Husband and I have been looking at lots of Christmas lights every night, again, because he's awesome and knows I love it. This weekend my folks came to town, and since we couldn't run the malls the way we usually do, we drove to this amazing neighborhood whose lights were featured on the Travel Channel. Ah, it was so great.

I promise, more deep, in depth blogs to come. Tell me what's going on with you!


Lisa said...

oh no!

i hope you feel better!!!

btw ... i made a status update on FB today and said, 'I hate it when people complain about their kids. Really."

and people HATED that i wrote that. you MUST read the comments. i felt like i had to stick up for myself, and i kept thinking i KNEW you would understand how i felt.

it was SO ANNOYING!!

anyway, if you want to be entertained, look me up "lisa diederichs stookey"

ta ta for now - honestly - feel better and sending big healing vibes towards you AND your mama.


ella said...

eek! oral ANYTHING is brutal. get better!

I started a new show today, auditions for OKLAHOMA! and I'm super pumped up about it!

H.E.A.T.H.E.R said...

you poor thing!!! I hope that your MERRY CHRISTMAS isn't ruined by your mouth pain!!!!