Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why do I miss an old grocery store?

You know those places from when you were a kid that you wish were still around? I've been thinking about those places a bit lately. Husband doesn't really get my nostalgia about them, especially not the grocery store.

The Real Super Store. This place was based out of Canada, and it was about the size of Canada. Huge aisle after huge aisle of stuff, really the first "have it all" kind of store, before Walmart started selling groceries. The price checkers wore roller skates and they had a Halloween aisle that seemed like heaven on earth. I can still see the place so clearly in my mind. They had those carts where there was a large space between the bottom and the actual cart part, so a kid, like myself, could ride underneath. I think the thing that made this store so lovely was the dim lighting, similar to the Wegman's near my sister's home in New York. Why don't stores do that anymore? I'd definitely spend more time grocery shopping if I was being blinded by knock off interrogation lights.

Rax was a fast food place that we often went to after grocery shopping at The Real Super Store. I don't know what made this place so special, other than these great alligator squeeze bottles in the kid's meals. I bet my parents still have 10 of these in the cupboard. They were sorta like Arby's with the roast beef, but also had a salad bar, I think. Husband doesn't really remember this place as clearly as I do, but every single time I pass the location that I frequented as a kid, I think about it. There are still some in the midwest I think, but are just privately owned, the corporation is dead.

I wonder what places I love today won't exist in 10 years. What stores/restaurants do you miss?


Lisa said...

i think we just became best friends.

my dad has been in the grocery business since he was 15.

when i remember different parts of my life, i remember them as "when dad owned ____ grocery store."


Papa Escobar said...

Never was a big fan of the Real Superstore but I loved Rax...great Philly sandwich....and husband should remember it cause he also loved the gator drink glass...a little trivia...the Chris' Po-Boys on Pinhook in Lafayette was originally a Rax location.

ella said...

We had a store called Gemco. It was membership....decades before costco. I can totally recall the store layout in my head. Totally...to the last detail.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Lisa, if I had been able to spend mass amounts of time in that grocery store, I think I'd be an even happier person today lol.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@ Papa Escobar, he defintiely remembers the alligator squeeze bottles, but not the food. He's nostalgic for Mr. Cook more than anything!

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@ella, isn't that strange, how the weirdest places are the ones that stick with you??

slow panic said...

i miss going to the A&W drive-in. I know they still exist, but we don't have one here. As a kid that was a huge super special treat.

And I loved going to the Woolworth's downtown.

Yes, I am that old.

Running to Starbucks right now -- before they all disappear

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@slowpanic, we've got some A&W restaurants around here! I haven't been to one since the 80's, maybe early 90's. I think it was in a mall. Do you guys have Sonic? Not the same, but still a drive in lol.