Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (or bizarre?)

The Good

*Thanksgiving is Thursday, and husband and I can celebrate it together with his family. This hasn't always been the case, but now that he's no longer offshore, holidays are even more worth looking forward to.

*I've crafted lots of hoops in the last week, AND I've learned to not only reverse hoop (clockwise, my usual way is counter clockwise) but also different ways to move the hoop from my waist to my chest, shoulders, and neck. And I can sorta shoulder hoop too! Hoop dance is my drug.

*Saints won another game! 7-3! I am ever grateful to Liz and Blake for having NFL Sunday Ticket and for letting us invade their home every weekend.

The Bad

*Not going to see my parents for Thanksgiving. Darn all this "everyone lives somewhere else" nonsense.

*It's hot. Like, it was in the 80's today. Making truffles with the A/C on is ridiculous. I swear, only two things can make me jealous, people who have babies and people who get snow. If you have babies, and snow, well, I really don't like you :)

*I watched Oprah's Favorite Things. I have nothing against her or the lucky people in her audience, but that show made me want things I don't really want. Except the VW Beetle, I definitely do want that. The brownie edge pan? Not so much.

The Ugly

*Sarah Palin. Everything she has said in the last two weeks has been absolutely bizarre. She criticizes Katie Couric for being biased, WHILE TALKING TO SHAWN HANNITY. She dissed American Idol in her book, then supported her daughter being on Dancing With the Stars, and is starring in her OWN reality show. I can only hope she runs for President in 2012.

*TSA's new security rules. There are some major horror stories out there. Personally? I'd do the scanner. I don't fly enough for it to be an issue. And if someone gets off on an alien style "naked" picture of me, so be it. There are too many other things happening in the world for me to get riled up about that.

*The jaw bone wasn't Natalie Holloway's. I feel for this family. I can't believe it's been 5 years. Often you hear people who have been wronged say "I have to forgive the person, not for them, but for myself, so that I can move on". I wish her mother could do this, for her own sanity and well being. But that is so much easier said than done.

On a lighter note, what are your holiday plans this week? Looking forward to them, or looking forward to them being over? Whatever your wish is, I hope it comes true. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!


H.E.A.T.H.E.R said...

SOOOO cool that you get to spend the holidays with your hubby!!!

I'm going up to Bakersfield, CA to see my grandparents. My Papa is in the hospital tho, so I'm bummed about that. I'll be cooking thanksgiving dinner in my grandma's kitchen. SO THE PRESSURE IS ON!!!! She is the BEST cook in the world... Not sure how i'll live up to that... but i'm not gonna stress it! I'm a pretty darn good cook too!!!

Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!!

Lisa said...

that means you like me 1/2way. phew - i passed the test {though my dream would be for us BOTH to have babies and snow). ;)

happy thanksgiving!