Thursday, October 14, 2010

When do you delete people?

I have 269 Facebook friends. I know all of them, except for maybe 10 who are old Livejournal friends or other bloggers. I delete people fairly regularly, always because we never communicate. If you cannot communicate with someone on Facebook, the simplest thing in the world, there's no reason for you to look at what I post there. I've been deleted for my political views before, and I completely understand. No one should have to read what I say everyday. Life is full of things we don't agree with, and while I personally enjoy hearing other people's opinions, not everyone does. Right now, I'm feeling the need to do the same thing though. I posted a story about a guy in Tennessee who forgot to pay a $75 fee to the fire department, so when his house caught on fire, they let it burn. He tried to pay on the spot, as did his neighbor, and the firemen still refused to help, that was their order. Now some things are politics, and some things are basic humanity. There were a few people who agreed that the man's home deserved to burn. Are these people I want involved in my life in any way? Do these people add anything positive to my life? I've spoken often about getting rid of negativity. Do I want negative people knowing about my daily life? My blog is one thing, Facebook is another. You know what they say, you're judged by the company you keep. What to do, what to do...


Lisa said...

this is a toughy.

i've deleted only one person from FB before because I could not STAND to read his anti-gay comments/status updates anymore (i was also afraid that i was on the edge of saying really NOT nice things to him about it). :)

i'm all for reading other people's viewpoints, but it really did become too much.

it actually ended up being this huge deal because he found out i had deleted him and sent me a nasty private message. hindsight? I guess i'd rather just "hide" someone.

i don't know.

now i've basically told you nothing.


H.E.A.T.H.E.R said...

I say that you delete anyone who makes you feel bad, or annoys you. If they have a problem with it, and actualy call you out, well, I know you are super capable of telling them how you feel!

I think you should clean it out, and afterwards say "if your reading this... You made the cut" lol!!!

Kerree said...

I agree with Heather. Your facebook page is your space. You don't need anyone there who makes you feel bad, angry or uncomfortable in any way. I have done a huge clean out like this not only on facebook but in real life! There is only so much time in a day.
I deleted this one guy coz he would not write back or comment at all. I know that sounds a bit petty but I noticed that he would comment on other peoples statuses but never mine. If I emailed him he wouldn't reply. If someone commented on his status he would answer back but if I commented on his status he would ignore it. At first I thought I might be paranoid so I tested it. Over the course of a week I sent him a couple of emails and commented on every single one of his statuses. He never replied to the emails and ignored my comments while answering everyone elses. I started to feel really worthless. Then I thought 'hey do I really want to be friends with someone who would make me feel that way?' And what sort of friend is he anyway? I was obviously just someone to add so he could boost his friend numbers to make him seem popular so....DELETE!

Wow that was longer than I thought it would be lol

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