Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh louisiana, I so miss your food

A picture with my new DSLR camera that husband surprised me with as an early birthday present. Poor man, I think he did it just to quit hearing me whine, "this picture would look a lot better if I had a DSLR." I'm still learning how to use it, so many settings I don't understand. I'm pretty sure I'm not even pronouncing Aperture correctly.

In other news, we're home from another weekend in Louisiana. Hung out with family, hung out with friends, partied at German Fest, watched the Saints game, and ate a really obscene amount of great food. It's not that Houston doesn't have good food, it's just that I'm not really a fan of Mexican fare, so the amazing choices are limited in my area. But in Lafayette, everything is so condensed. Of course the Cajun food is excellent, but there's so much more. Saturday night we went to Deano's and I had this amazing pizza, half bbq chicken, half "Marie Leveaux", which is mushrooms, onions, and fresh crab meat. I used to eat this often when husband was offshore and I was feeling sorry for myself.

This week my sister and 2 nieces come to town from NY, as well as my folks! It's funny, ever since the last family vacation in August went so well and no one treated me like a 14 year old, we've all been a lot closer, despite the distance. I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, I can sell my sister on Houston and she and my bro in law and the kids can move down south. Also, if you are in Houston, please explain to me how I can sell this city.


Jonathan H. said...

Your biting wit (on that last line!) has brightened my morning. You'll figure out how to sell it better when you've lived there a little longer, I think.

Sassafrasium said...

HEATHER it was awesome to see you. I need to get my butt in gear and visit you in Houston. As for selling it to your sister, IT CANNOT BE DONE.

Okay, time to go make gumbo, speaking of delicious Cajun food.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Jonathan, Yeah, you're right. I think the fact that teacher pay is decent is the biggest selling point I've got, that and the warm (ok, let's be honest, insanely hot) weather!

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

@Sassafrasium, YES you do! We could have a crafathon weekend!! And as for you and your gumbo, I hate you both for not being in Houston :)

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Wow, totally screwed that one. Craftathon!