Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are men dumb?

Husband brought up something interesting the other day that I hadn't realized. Commercials with husbands and wives are usually centered around the husband being dumb. For example, the yogurt ad where the guy is on the phone talking about how he's eating these great flavors and not gaining weight, he must have a high metabolism. His wife clears her throat in the background and points out that's it "light" yogurt. Is the man too dumb to read? Or is this female ad exec's way of getting back at men for the ads of yesteryear that diminish women? Or is it truth?


Lisa said...

oh ... i can add to this.

jay & i CAN NOT stand how many commercials there are with a husband/wife duo where the woman is totally hot - and the man is overweight.


we're still there?!?

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

LOL Yes! The thing is, I see those couples in real life all the time!! Likely because those guys are nicer I guess. But I totally always think about that every time King of Queens is on lol.