Thursday, September 23, 2010

These blahs are usually reserved for March

I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Unfortunately not on the novel I'm supposed to be working on, but writing more than usual none the less. I haven't been in the greatest mood lately, and it's likely because of my sinuses. The air is thick with whatever it is that causes people to feel like dirt, so I'm not able to go outside and hoop as much, which also causes my moodiness. My sinuses work like a freaking calendar. Last year we were here in Houston while husband had meetings, and I had the worst sinus attack in my life. I remember it clearly, because it was the premiere week of Dancing With the Stars. OH look at that! This is the premiere week of Dancing with the Stars! Though granted, I don't feel nearly as bad this time around. I'm just moody and annoyed and a bit sad. Blanche on the Golden Girls would describe it as "magenta", because you aren't quite blue with sadness, or green with envy, or yellow with fear, or red with anger, but a mix.

I wish it were October 1st, because I cannot wait for the movie Social Network. I hate Facebook (though continue to use it constantly) and I despise Mark Zuckerberg, the creator. This movie makes him look like a tool, from what I understand, so that should be lots of fun.

Every time I watch the trailer, I'm reminded that I owned Creep by Radiohead on SINGLE CASSETTE. Feeling old.


foolery said...

I think I know your problem: you're allergic to "Dancing With the Stars." Don't feel bad -- my husband declared that he is allergic to "Cats," the musical.

Nice to meet you, and hope you feel better soon.