Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Politics as Usual, the Tea Party edition

So I really wanted to talk to a member of the Tea Party. I put it out there on facebook and twitter that I had some questions, and I KNOW there are people on my list who consider themselves members, but alas, no one bit. I would have been fair, my questions are really just informational ones and I wanted some personal opinions from a Tea Partier about the Tea Party. Oh well. After Christine O'Donnell won the republican party primary in Delaware, I watched some videos on youtube to learn a bit about her. There's been a lot of talk about her, from past witchcraft (which doesn't really bother me, except that I think she's full of crap. Witch craft does not equal Satanism Christine) to current questions about her campaign money being used for personal expenses like gas, rent, and a bowling outing. Oh, and who can forget her bit on a now defunct show from MTV called Sex in the 90's, in which she talks about a Christian group she's formed to help stop teens from masturbating! Man, I used to love that show. I wish it were on DVD. If you know where I can get it, let me know.

But I digress. This woman, who goes by the screen name NWsubmom on youtube, is a Tea Partier. She's also not great at reading comprehension, and seems to have a bit of a temper problem. Instead of a post about the Tea Party from a member, all I've got to give you is this, NWsubmom and I's conversation.

Me: You do realize that she used campaign money illegally right? And that she believes that there are mice with human brains, right? I'm not one to defend the republican party, but they have their reasons for not backing people like this. Because they can't win in a general election. And they make the GOP look like fools. Unless that's the goal. Then kudos, I love it!

NWsubmom: I've got several names for you. Charlie Rangel Maxine Water's Tim Geitner Tom Daschle Chris Dowd ETC, etc, etc, ALL LIARS AND CHEATS. And they are STILL in office. Are you trying to tell me the Democrats don't have a few skeletons in THIER closets. I heard a statistic the other day that like almost $900.000 in back taxes are owed to the government by people who work for the IRS! So give me a break.My point? BOTH sides have similiar ghosts in their closets! She will WIN, sorry

Me: ok, you need to relax. I NEVER said there weren't democrats who have used campaign money illegally. I NEVER said there are people without skeletons in their closets. This video IS about Christine O'Donnell, correct? NOT ANYONE ELSE. You need to learn to read what people write, and comment accordingly, or you come off looking like a psycho.

NWsubmom: What you are doing here is called CHERRY PICKING.

Yeah the same standards should apply to ALL politicians!

This is another reason why liberals appear so hypocritical and have DOUBLE STANDARDS when it comes to their side doing the same crap as our side, but it's OK for them.

Look at the word N****R (she didn't use the stars, I did for this post). Bill Maher used it the other day in a very derogatory way and it was OK because he is a liberal , but if a conservative said it in the same context the STATE run media would cry RACISM!

Me: LOL! How am I cherry picking? I never said that no democrats have used campaign funds illegally. Obviously I'm speaking about Christine O'Donnell because that's who this video is about. Instead of being a sane person, you're here getting your blood pressure up over a video, which has nothing to do with the n word or Bill Maher in fact. But don't worry, your point has gotten across. I cannot wait to use your comments on my next blog. :)

NWsubmom: Knock yourself out.

It just might EDUCATE some formerly ignorant people.

Whether your side wants to acknowledge it or not, the people will take back BOTH HOUSES come this November.

Obama will go down in history as the WORST President ever since Jimmy Carter.

BTW, YOU talk like a typical, elitist liberal SNOB.

Me: lol seriously, you're hilarious. Telling me I talk like a typical, elitist, liberal snob is the best compliment I've gotten today. Thank ya! :)

Now I swear, I wasn't trolling. This woman is just nuts. I realized why, afterward, she's so worked up. She states on her profile:


Maybe it's mean of me to post her screen name. I don't know if that's kosher or not. Oh well. So that's been my excitement today. Still feeling a bit off, got little sleep last night and none the night before.

Speaking of last night, that Saints vs 49s game? Crazy!! Poor Reggie Bush, I hope his recovery will be quick. A broken leg from what I gather. Yikes :(


usatops said...

Hi! I crossed paths on the net with NWsubmom and his/her comments were so crazy and scary that I actually Googled him/her and found this post.
I'm truly afraid that he/she is going to go postal soon and cause real damage. Thanks for posting this.