Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Autumn, hurry!

Today is the first day of September. In my mind, autumn begins today. Forget the fact that the high for today in Houston is 92 degrees, and likely will be through October. Forget the fact that trees here don't change colors, they go from green to gone. Why can't this whole climate change thing at least give us a real fall instead of just the hottest August and an incredibly cold January/February (snow? in Houston and southern LA?). But alas, who needs any of that when you have the beautiful September 1 on a calendar. So many great things in my life have happened in the fall. Sure, some bad ones too, but things like my birthday, the day husband and I started dating, my first trip to New York City, those days make up for it all. The smell of pumpkin candles and the Halloween decor in stores, it gives me a feeling that I just cannot explain. Happy sigh.

Speaking of husband, this October will be our 8 year "dating anniversary". 8 years! And in December, 5 years married. I just realized, I have friends who were teenagers when I got married. My own 21 year old sister law was just 16! The years are passing so quickly, and right now at this moment, I'm ok with that.

By the way, I added an unnatural color to my hair. Just a little turquoise, that will likely fade quickly. But hey, I did it!



Ashley said...

I was actually thinking about how long it's been since I've known you and I can barely believe it's only been 8 years! I love you so much and miss you like crazy!!

Heather McLemore said...

Okay, This is weird! and just cements my feelings about you. I have 2 blogs... The Drillers girl, and The Happenings of a Self Proclaimed Drama Queen. Please read the post I wrote today!!! WOW! and I promise I did not read this until just this moment!!!

52 Faces said...

Congrats you've won my tiny 30 After 30 contest!

I love your suggestion about negative people. You've won an interview on my blog and I will feature your blog.

You can email me at 52faces (gmail) to let me know how to contact you :)