Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've got a new obsession. HOOPING! Yes, hoola hooping, and hopefully soon enough, hoop dancing. If you read my last blog, you saw that relearning how to hoop was on my "list", so Saturday I went out to Academy and bought one(NOTE: don't buy a kid's hoop. adults are bigger, a kids hoop won't work unless you're super experienced). WHY on earth did I ever stop doing this as a kid? It's an absolute blast! Now don't get me wrong, I've got some aches and pains and bruises, as my hoop is way too heavy, but I've already ordered a dance version, much lighter, and much easier to do tricks with. I feel like an evangelical about this thing, I just want to convince everyone that they want to do this too. Also, best thing about living in a big city is that there is ALWAYS a group of people already established doing whatever it is you want to do. There are at least 2 hooping groups here in Houston, and hopefully my new hoop will be in by Sunday so that I can meet some new people without continuing to bruise myself up. I haven't felt this positive about exercise ever. I'm giving myself 3 months to get to this level.

Doesn't look that physically difficult right? Forget what you think, your abs will be killing you afterward.


The Driller's Girl said...

LOL!!!!! I tried a few months ago, and I was like... I think not! lol!!!

52 Faces said...

Oh my goodness hilarious!

And great Before 30 list - care to give me suggestions for my 30 After 30 challenge?

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Oh you've gotta try again, it's SO FUN!!! It's completely changed my attitude on life, as ridic as that might sound lol.

Sassafrasium said...