Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Finally back in Houston after being away for nearly two weeks. Vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama went very well, and I'm honestly surprised about that. As you read in my blog a couple of weeks ago, I didn't want to go on this trip at all, and was seriously considering staying in Houston. But, I sucked it up, went, and it was great. Other than my sister and her family not being able to make it to Houston to see our place, and Husband not being able to come on the trip, it was really great.

Gorgeous beach in the early morning...


Though talk of oil was all around, including on t-shirts...

orangebeach10 071

My silly nieces after they claimed to "hit their heads" while jumping around. They just wanted the ice packs of course lol.

orangebeach10 011

So all in all, it was fun. I almost wish it hadn't gone so well, because now I'm missing my family more than ever. It's strange that none of us are in the same state anymore. My 7 year old niece was flabbergasted that we hardly ever get snow in the south. A reminder of how far away we all are.

Just trying to get into the swing of things again. Can't wait for autumn and Halloween and my birthday and cool weather. Or cooler weather. Or something below 90 degrees.


The Driller's Girl said...

SOOO Glad you had a good time! Don't be so negative next time missy! lol!

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Thanks, and I'll definitely try to not expect the worse next time!! :)