Sunday, July 4, 2010

You say it's your birthday America

America, today is your birthday, but you're still an adolescent in the world. You think you have all the answers, even when older countries try to explain to you why you don't. You often stand up to the bullies, but you like to start fights too. You're behavior is really childish sometimes, but you're a good kid, you've just gotta grow up a bit. Listen to your elders, learn from their mistakes. You're privileged, but that doesn't always last forever. Just ask Rome. Happy Birthday!


Why are these ladies so mad? Be happier than them today. And don't blow your arm off.

Police: Long Island man blows off arm with party fireworks

SLIP TERRACE -- Police say a man lighting fireworks has blown off his arm at a party on New York's Long Island.

Suffolk County police say 36-year-old Eric Smith was using a 3-foot long metal tube to shoot mortars from the street near his Islip Terrace home around 5:45 p.m. Saturday.

Police believe he leaned over the device to ignite it and didn't get out of the way before an explosive shot out of the launcher.

His left arm was severed at the shoulder.

Smith was taken to Southside Hospital in serious condition while friends packed the lost limb in ice to try to save it. Police believe doctors will try to reattach his arm.

A hospital spokesman didn't immediately return a call.

Police say another person at the party also was taken to a hospital, but it's unclear why.