Thursday, July 15, 2010

Better Off Wed

I've been married nearly 5 years, and while the wedding I had wasn't exactly what I wanted (what I wanted would have broken my mother's heart, a small quiet affair not in my hometown), it was great and I'm so lucky to have folks so eager to get rid of me. A joke Mom!). When I first became an oilfield wife, I scoured the internet for message boards or websites about *being* an oilfield wife, and let me say, no disrespect intended, some of that sh*t was hilarious. One message was from a girl looking for ways to include the oil industry into her wedding decor. One suggestion? If it wasn't going to be too formal, they could wear coveralls!


Really. Coveralls.

This morning on the news while talking about Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston's engagement announcement (for the record, I'm happy for them. Life is short, I hope it works out), they mentioned my new favorite website, I almost feel bad for laughing at some of these, because weddings are so personal and often so carefully planned. Even for the "metal" wedding, the bride made sure that all the groomsmen had the same color Army green shorts. But some of these, like the bridesmaids in pasties? That bride wanted the attention, and she got it. Enjoy!



52 Faces said...

HILARIOUS! I want a cabaret basically with all my gay friends and I doing musical numbers.